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Looking to customize a Topper?

Sail New England

Wind in your face and the spray of sea salt on your skin…there is nothing better than a day on the water. Be reminded of these moments any time you’d like while using this topper for your next mid-summer party, night out in Nantucket, or banquet along the Charles River.

Suggested Linen colors for this topper:

  • White Cotton
  • Lamour Bahama Blue
Putting your Creative Topper to work is as easy as...1, 2, 3

1. Place your Topper

Your Topper will adhere to the linen bringing the table top to life.

Simply peel away the backing paper from your Topper, apply it to the linen and enjoy!

2. Refresh your Topper

Hygienic value may be the best feature of your new Topper.

Spills can simply be wiped away leaving a sanitary surface for your guest with no damage to the Topper.

3. Remove your Topper

When your Topper has done its job, removal couldn’t be any easier.

Hold the linen and start to peel away the Topper. No sticky residue will be left behind.

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